Articles by Sounding Future authors on current audio topics.


3D Audio - Web Audio
Esteban Gonzalez Esteban Gonzalez
"Proyecto Carrusel" is an independent research and development project in audiovisual immersive art.
3D Audio - Audiosoftware
Fränk Zimmer Profilfoto Fränk Zimmer
How the Sounding Future content platform will be expanded in a further project phase to include a 3D audio area with a head-tracking function.
3D Audio - Electronic Music - Game Audio
Kasson Crooker Kasson Crooker
Kasson Crooker analyzes the design of “Rocococo Audiogame Fantastique” and creating an “audiogame” experience through the use of 3D audio.
Audiosoftware - Electroacoustic music
Christof Ressi Christof Ressi
AOO (audio over OSC) is a library for peer-to-peer audio streaming and messaging with emphasis on low latency, robustness, flexibility, and ease of use.
Electronic Music - Composition - Contemporary music
Trevor Wishart Trevor Wishart
Trevor Wishart presents “Dance at the End of Time”, an electro-acoustic dance piece using choral samples.
3D Audio - DIY Electronics - Electronic Music
Katarina Gryvul Katarina Gryvul
HEKA is an innovative project that combines art, science, and technology to push the limits of creativity and innovation. One focus is music in 3D audio.
Electroacoustic music - Electronic Music - Composition
Adrian Moore Adrian Moore
This article proposes something that we probably already do (or would like to do) which I would like to call electroacoustic craft.
DIY Electronics - Electronic Music - Fieldrecording
Stefan Voglsinger Stefan Voglsinger
"Transceiver" invites you to listen and experiment together and reflects on the development of communication over distance.
3D Audio - Audiosoftware - Game Audio
Markus Zaunschirm Markus Zaunschirm
Spatial audio unlocks focus, emotions & deeper storytelling. How spatial audio impacts our experience with media.
Audiosoftware - Composition - Contemporary music
Cat Hope Cat Hope
Is it possible to create music notations that welcome musicians from any style of music?
Electronic Music - Composition - Music and AI
Michael G Wagner Michael G Wagner
The rapid advancement of generative AI, particularly with the emergence of services like Udio, is poised to revolutionize the music production.
3D Audio - Audiosoftware - Electronic Music
Daniela Rieger Daniela Rieger
MPEG-H Audio delivers immersive sound that can even be adapted to personal needs.
3D Audio - Audiosoftware - Electronic Music
Tobias Hartmann Tobias Hartmann
This article explains the basics of using 3D audio on the web using an implementation of 3D audio in
3D Audio - Electronic Music - Media Art
Fränk Zimmer Profilfoto Fränk Zimmer
tingles & clicks aims to revive a physicality that has been lost in the years of the COVID-19 pandemic in a virtual and physical music project.
Electronic Music - Composition - Music and AI
Ed Miranda Eduardo R. Miranda
Eduardo R. Miranda believes that quantum computers will take music technology a giant step forward in the next decade.
Electronic Music - Composition - Music and AI
Gerhard Nierhaus Profilfoto Gerhard Nierhaus
The article describes the manifold interactions between composers and computers in the creative process.
DIY Electronics - Improvisation - Interfaces
Nick Acorne Nick Acorne
The article focuses on the history of free improvised music and examples of the practical use of sensor-based instruments in performance.
3D Audio - Audiosoftware - Electronic Music
Nuno Fonseca Profilfoto Nuno Fonseca
Sound Particles utilizes the possibilities of computer graphics for innovative sound design solutions in the field of spatial audio.
Audiosoftware - Electronic Music - Interfaces
Jan-Bas Bollen Profilfoto Jan-Bas Bollen
Composer Jan-Bas Bollen casts his light on the motivations behind the development of his HyperTheremin.
Audiohardware - DIY Electronics - Electronic Music
Garnet Hertz Garnet Hertz
Circuit bending defies traditional boundaries by allowing users to repurpose and customise consumer products.
Electronic Music - Music and AI
Anke Eckardt Anke Eckardt
The article poses questions about agency and highlights both the dystopian potential and desirable forms of digitalization using AI.