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About Sounding Future

Sounding Future is a new bilingual (EN/DE) online platform that presents technical and artistic innovations in music and working with audio in general.

Sounding Future sees itself as a stage for exciting musical, artistic and audio technological developments and reflections on how these developments influence our lives today and in the future.

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Goals of the platform

Artists, audio developers, audio enthusiasts ... are invited to share their innovative technical or artistic working methods, projects and ideas with others. We welcome artistic, scientific and technical contributions in equal measure.

The aim is an exchange of knowledge between different groups of people involved in music/audio. The content of the platform is created by invitation or on the initiative of the users.

What we present

Articles: We present freely accessible multimedia articles by authors with a technical and artistic background. The topics range from music and artificial intelligence to composition with 3D audio, sound installations in public spaces, sound art, radio art, audio coding and much more.

Practice: In our practice section, Sounding Future authors and our editorial team present their how-to videos, websites and DIY tutorials.

Books: Our collection includes classics and new publications on topics such as music and AI, 3D audio, sound design and music reflection.

News-Collector: Here we list announcements of festivals, congresses, open calls, ... on innovative audio topics.

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astronauten mit laptop im orbit

Community features

Sounding Future is a content platform designed to promote the exchange of knowledge.

Visitors to the platform can consume the multimedia content. Registered user*s can additionally use typical functions of social networks. Like following other users, commenting or liking articles and much more.


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