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Marco Donnarumma

How do you perceive sound? Can you describe it to me? With some effort, you may be able to report aspects of your perception of sound, but, crucially, your corporeal experience of it is yours only. However, you may perceive sound - through hearing, hearing prostheses, haptic sensations, vision, perceptual hints…

Fieldrecording, Composition, Contemporary music
Katharina Klement
3D Audio, Electronic Music, Public Space
Martin Rieger
DIY Elektronics, Electroacoustic music, Electronic Music
Leonie Strecker
Electronic cricket, DIY electronics
3D Audio, Media Art, Music and AI
Los Grillos del Sueño
Félix Blume
"Weeds", created with a Lindenmayer system (L-system) in 3D
Composition, Media Art, Music and AI
Early forms of artificial intelligence
Anke Eckardt
Grafik experimentalschubdüse
Electroacoustic music, Sound Art
Of portals and thrusters
Christian Tschinkel
Electronic Music, Sound Art, Contemporary music
A small homage to a great compositional technique: resynthesis
Anna Maly

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Audio-Bibliotheken, Audiorecording
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Audiorecording, DIY Electronics
Félix Blume
Electronic Music, KI Musik, Audiocoding
Electronic Music, Pure Data
Rafael Hernandez

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