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Stefan Voglsinger

Transceiver is designed as a quadraphonic piece for two turntables. For the recordings, Aras L. Seyhan and Stefan Voglsinger went to various places and non-places in Vienna and the surrounding area. The release aims to encourage gathering, experimentation, and collective listening, reflecting the…

3D Audio, Audiosoftware, Game Audio
Markus Zaunschirm
Audiosoftware, Composition, Contemporary music
Cat Hope
Electronic Music, Composition, Music and AI
Michael G Wagner

Open Call

8. European 3D Audio Production Competition at IEM Graz in cooperation with vdt, ORF musikprotokoll and Sounding Future.

The competition is divided into three categories:

  • Contemporary / Computer Music
  • Audio Drama / Documentary / Soundscapes
  • Music Recording / Studio Production

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Dialog boost TV Ansicht
3D Audio, Audiosoftware, Electronic Music
Sounds just like you: Personalized TV sound with MPEG-H Audio
Daniela Rieger
Cables 3D Audio
3D Audio, Audiosoftware, Electronic Music
3D audio on the web
Tobias Hartmann
tingles and clicks graz - Installation
3D Audio, Electronic Music, Media Art
tingles & clicks - a hybrid music project
Fränk Zimmer
Ed Miranda Lab
Electronic Music, Composition, Music and AI
Beyond Digital Beats: Quantum Computers and the Future of Music
Eduardo R. Miranda

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Electronic Music, Pure Data
Electronic Music, plugdata
Timothy Schoen
Electronic Music, Ambisonics, DIY Electronics
VST Plugins, 3D Audio, Audiorecording
Tall Guy Films and Martin Rieger

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