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Fränk Zimmer

tingles & clicks aims to revive a physicality that has been lost in the years of the COVID-19 pandemic in a virtual and physical music project. Outstanding musicians create sound environments and music that evoke quasi-tactile experiences.

Electronic Music, Composition, Music and AI
Eduardo R. Miranda
Electronic Music, Composition, Music and AI
Gerhard Nierhaus
DIY Electronics, Improvisation, Interfaces
Nick Acorne
Sound Particles Studio
3D Audio, Audiosoftware, Electronic Music
Sound Particles: sonic reinterpretation of computer graphic concepts
Nuno Fonseca
Jan-Bas Bollen
Audiosoftware, Electronic Music, Interfaces
The quest for instrumental control
Jan-Bas Bollen
Soldering work
Audiohardware, DIY Electronics, Electronic Music
Exploration and the "Incantor": Bending Circuits, Depunctualization, and Unblackboxing
Garnet Hertz
women reclaiming ai
Electronic Music, Music and AI
Anke Eckardt

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Audiorecording, DIY Electronics
Félix Blume
Electronic Music, KI Musik, Audiocoding
Electronic Music, Pure Data
Electronic Music, Pure Data
Andrew R. Brown

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