Los Grillos del Sueño

The sound installation "Les Grillons du Rêve" demonstrates the uniqueness of each cricket in a group, while we are used to hearing them sing in chorus. The starting point for the project was a workshop with children in Chile to research real crickets and build electronic cricket twins.

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"When we sleep, the crickets sing. They accompany us through our dreams. That's their job."

In "The Dream Crickets", sound artist and sound engineer Félix Blume (France, *1984) and a group of students at the CECREA cultural center in La Ligua (Chile) investigate the state of the local ecosystem using crickets.

Los Grillos del Sueño, drawings by pupils

The starting point of the project was the question of how to recognize a cricket in a crowd. To this end, each participant bred a pair of crickets. The crickets were then observed: 

"We listened to them, portrayed them, protected them from the cold, measured them, fed them, and studied their behavior," explains Félix. "In this way, the participants gradually built up a relationship with the insects. They discovered that each cricket has individual characteristics - for example, the chirping sound."

The next phase was to create greater ecological awareness by combining technology and nature. The pupils' curiosity and creativity were awakened. 

First, the chirping of each cricket was recorded, and then the pupils built their electronic cricket. To do this, they used a small electronic playback module and a mini loudspeaker. Using metal legs, this became an artificial chirping twin of the real cricket. 

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Instalación Sonora “Los Grillos del Sueño”

These electronic crickets also became the protagonists of a short film made with children: a fable in which electronic crickets are created to compensate for the extinction of insects, replace them, and accompany our dreams.

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Los Grillos del Sueño | Cecrea | Félix Blume

Félix Blume

Félix Blume

Félix Blume (France, 1984) is a sound artist and sound engineer. He currently lives and works in Mexico, Brazil and France. He uses sound as the basic material in sound pieces, videos, actions, and installations. His process is often collaborative, working with communities and using public space as a context in which to explore and present his work. His practice involves an expanded understanding of listening as a way to promote awareness of the imperceptible and as an act of encounter with others. His work incorporates the sounds of various beings and species, from the buzzing of a bee to the steps of a turtle or the chirping of a cricket, as well as human dialogues with both natural and urban contexts. He is interested in myths and their contemporary interpretations, in what voices can say beyond words. 

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